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As most Caribbean islands now have a mixture of African, Asian, Middle Eastern and European heritage the resulting art is a hybrid of all of these diverse influences. Caribbean artists now combine and adapt all of these influences to create their own unique and distinct styles, but they also all share a unity in their art through their portrayal of the physical, social and cultural elements of the Caribbean environment. The following four artists are the perfect example of this fusion.

Sally Stryker – St. Barts

Having lived a diverse life in the arts, Sally Stryker is now an accomplished dancer, singer, actress and painter.

It was 2001 when she started exhibiting her work and travelling between her studios in New York and St. Barts. Her style is described as impressionistic and abstract, using predominantly oil colours to portray natural Caribbean scenes of the seascapes and water; she also paints some portraits.

Her paintings reflect a very magical light, capturing the natural aquatic colours in the waves that are the subject of most of her art. Her other paintings share a similar quality in their soft and blurry complexion. Stryker paintings have now been exhibited around the world.

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