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As most Caribbean islands now have a mixture of African, Asian, Middle Eastern and European heritage the resulting art is a hybrid of all of these diverse influences. Caribbean artists now combine and adapt all of these influences to create their own unique and distinct styles, but they also all share a unity in their art through their portrayal of the physical, social and cultural elements of the Caribbean environment. The following four artists are the perfect example of this fusion.

Kate Spencer – St. Kitts & Nevis

Although she was born in the UK, Kate Spencer has made St. Kitts her home since 1978.

Living and working in an old sugar estate on the North of the island for years, she is now considered one of the most prolific artists in the Caribbean.

Returning to the UK for a few years, Spencer studied Interior Design in London and then moved to Florence, Italy where she studied Figurative Art at the Cecil Graves Studio.

In 1990 she returned to St. Kitts, but found it difficult to make a living from painting, so she set up and ran a design business where she designed and sold fabrics, paper products, prints, mats and other gifts.

 Throughout this, though, she continued painting and soon enough interest in her work increased. Now she is a full time painter, and sells a range of paintings depicting the Kittitian landscape, lifestyle and people in boldly tropical colours.

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