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Live the high life as you wine and dine in utmost luxury in the skies.

Yes, many of the world’s leading airlines have brought luxury travel to new heights with the unveiling of swanky first class suits and cabins. Plush cabins and innovative features aside, the only thing that will make long-haul flights even better (yes even flying long-haul can be tiring sometimes), is delicious food that’ll satiate hungry travellers up in the air.

A common misconception that most people have about airplane food is how it’s either too bland or overcompensates on the flavours. These three airlines, however, will have you rethink that, with their tasty menus offered in the premium cabins.

Singapore Airlines

With a wide variety of meats and vegetables for us to select from, passengers will be spoilt for choice.

The dish: For those who enjoy savouring in the rich flavours that Chinese cuisine have to offer, Ming Jia Zhen Zhuan is the course that will surely whet appetites. Featuring a variety of Chinese dishes from double boiled soups to succulent crustaceans, Ming Jia Zhen Zhuan strikes a good balance between the meats and the greens.

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Our favourite pick out of the array of dishes served was the young zucchini with Chinese mushrooms. While the zucchinis were savoury and crunchy, the aromatic Chinese mushrooms further enhanced the taste with its juiciness.

The culinary genius: Working behind the scenes to devise menus for first and business class passengers travelling with Singapore Airlines is renowned Chinese chef Zhu Jun, who is part of its international culinary panel.

Since joining the culinary panel in 2009, chef Zhu Jun is best known for his creative take on curating new dishes. In the dishes he created, you’ll find that they combine both Western and Chinese elements.

The verdict: The next time you fly on Singapore Airline’s first class, be sure to also choose the meal of your choice with its ‘Book the Cook’ service, which allows you to pre-order your main course before flying.

British Airways

This dish was certainly one of our favourites, with the crunchy asparagus complimenting the juicy beef with every bite,

The dish: Flavourful and sensational- these are the two adjectives that best describe the black pepper beef tenderloin with noodles and asparagus.

The star of the dish was the beef which was juicy yet tender.

Complementing it was the flat noodle and crunchy asparagus, which gave the meal an added crunch. To top it all off, black pepper sauce was dripped over the the dish, giving it an extra oomph, leaving a tinkling feeling of warmth after every swallow.

The culinary genius: The mastermind behind the black pepper beef tenderloin with noodles and asparagus and other tasty dishes served in the first class cabin of British Airways is Gwendol Hamon. Before joining British Airways in 2004 as cabin crew, Gwendal spent over 10 years in the catering industry.

Trained as a chef in one of the most prestigious Lycee hoteliers in Northern France, Gwendol also an expert patissier and chocolatier.

The verdict: If you’re flying on British Airways, we assure you that you will be in good hands. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful treats that chef Gwendol Hamon has created.

Air France

The La Premiere menu of Air France allows you to have caviar and other delicacies all year round.

The dish: Caviar fans are in for a treat with Air France’s La Premiere menu. A new and notable dish is the starter of salmon tatar with shiso sprouts and caviar.

Complete your in-flight experience with this rare delicacy that can now be enjoyed throughout the year. After sampling the dish, we must say that the freshness of the caviar is well complemented with the crunchiness of the shiso sprouts. Pair this dish with a glass of white wine to get you ready and set for the next course.

The culinary genius: Joël Robuchon, the star behind Air France’ La Premiere menu is the world’s most Michelin-starred chef, with a total of 25 stars in the Michelin guide.

Since the tender age of 29, the chef had earned three Michelin stars for three consecutive years before bearing a restaurant to his name that was also voted as “The Best Restaurant Of The World” by the International Herald Tribune.

The verdict: Out of all the first class starters that we have sampled, Air France’s caviar appetizer left us the most impressed. With such a delicacy to begin with, Air France truly makes guests look forward to the other dishes in the menu.

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