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As most Caribbean islands now have a mixture of African, Asian, Middle Eastern and European heritage the resulting art is a hybrid of all of these diverse influences. Caribbean artists now combine and adapt all of these influences to create their own unique and distinct styles, but they also all share a unity in their art through their portrayal of the physical, social and cultural elements of the Caribbean environment. The following four artists are the perfect example of this fusion.

Heleen Cornet – Saba

Originally born in Holland and obtaining a Fine Arts degree there, Heleen Cornet moved around the Caribbean teaching art.

In 1986 she moved to Saba, where she was also an art teacher, eventually making the island her home. Along with her husband, she opened a gallery and drew the illustrations for publications related to the region’s marine parks. Cornet’s work shows an experimentation of watercolour and oil paints, eventually discovering that ‘advantages of watercolour canvas’ and adapting her work to a less realistic and more colorful style.

Heleen is inspired by the rainforests, religious symbolism and underwater world that are found in the environment of Saba. She has spent a lot of time painting outside, for some pieces even camping in the forest for weeks, and resulting in works that capture the dramatic movements of nature and the reflection of light around her.

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