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Cuban Tourism Market Opens to Americans

BlogFor many years, travel by Americans to Cuba has been restricted due to the United States restricting its citizens from visiting the Caribbean country.

However, those travel restrictions have been replaced by new regulations recently announced by President Barack Obama and this has led to renewed interest in the communist country. Cuba: Portrait of Che...

Bunji Garlin: send dem riddim crazy


From the mid-1980s through the early 90s, Jamaican dub, and later dancehall, dominated the musical landscape in Trinidad and Tobago outside Carnival season.

DJs like Dr Hyde, Downtown Outlaws, Chinese Laundry, Howie T, Papa Rocky, and Starchild,

 to name a few, gave life to this musical import with their popular mixtapes, and the nation’s maxi taxis — or minibuses — were the primary spaces where these tapes got played.

Diamonds are forever

BlogSixty years ago, as a young calypsonian named Andrew Marcano made his tent debut, no one could know he would become calypso’s living conscience. Lifestyle Caribbean recounts the life and times of the inimitable Lord Superior.

The punch line, which the young singer delivered with animated gestures, always brought down the house. A half-century later, when I first asked the Mighty Sparrow about meeting Superior in the mid-1950s, he acknowledged that “Supie had a hit before I I did.” He imitated Supie’s “coconut jooking” gestures and began to laugh. “That was a real funny song,” Sparrow mused. “And very popular.”

Tobago Jazz Experience 2015

BlogJennifer Hudson, Kool and the Gang and Jill Scott are among an impressive lineup of superstars who will perform at the 2015 staging of the Tobago Jazz Experience.

Scheduled for April 18-26, the weeklong festival is a fusion of music, heritage, cuisine, hospitality and everything that is Tobago. As not only will visitors get


Vintage American Cars in Cuba

BlogOne of the greatest marvels to see on the streets of Cuba are the vintage American cars which have survived through the ingenuity of the mechanics.

Believed to number about 60,000, Cuba’s vintage cars are the subject of renewed interest mostly by classic car collectors in North America who are eager to see the full...

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