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French Watch Brand Bell & Ross Launches The BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph For Military Pilots. From the beginning, Bell & Ross has been a specialist in military watchmaking, and today has created a complete coherent collection that retraces military history. Priec: 15,000 Eur.

With aviation having celebrated its centenary last year, its history dotted by milestones including the breaking of the sound barrier and the era of hypersonic flights, Bell & Ross decided to launch the BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph, the very first watch of a new high-tech, sophisticated and high-end collection inspired by the excellence of the aeronautical industry and its new technologies.

Revolutionary in design, the sporty, ultra-masculine and robust chronograph with sophisticated haute horlogerie finishes is an extreme version of the brand’s iconic BR 01 instrument watch inspired by aircraft instrument panels. As Bell & Ross has always been passionate about military history and in particular that of aviation, and with 2014 marking the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, it released a timepiece last year honoring French aviation hero, Captain Georges Guynemer, and has now projected itself into the future with its BR-X1 hypersonic chronograph that dives into the hypersonic field via its radically-technical nature.

Carlos Rosillo, CEO and cofounder of Bell & Ross, says, “The BR 01 is from the dashboard to the wrist and we kept this idea, but we wanted to project into the future, the future of technology like when you look at the development of airplanes, such as the F-35, which is highly sophisticated. Another reference could be the car industry with the kind of model that shows robustness.

We wanted to develop the ultimate utility watch, the ultimate evolution of a watch with a high-tech and sophisticated conception and movement, which allows us to have resistance, lightness, ergonomics and functionality. When you look at sophisticated airplanes and you see the future of aviation today, you understand that the technologies have changed and that the shapes are much more complicated, but what if you transfer that to watches? Instead of having something basic and simple, we made it like a fifth-generation airplane that shows the future of aviation in the military field.”

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