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Barbados Crop Over Festival

National Stadium, Bridgetown, Barbados

The Crop Over Festival is the premier event in the summer months in Barbados and people come from far and wide to witness the sights and sounds of Barbados in full swing. The festival is also responsible for bringing many Bajans home to Barbados for the event, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that positively bristles with excitement. As you would expect from any celebration of the Caribbean or Barbados – culture, music, food, dancing and colour are the main focal points of the event and no matter your age or what sort of event you are hoping to experience, the Barbados Crop Over Festival will be the highlight of summer.

The origins of the festival can be traced all the way back to the 1780s when Barbados was the biggest sugar producer in the world. At the climax of the sugar season, there was a major celebration to mark a successful harvest, which became known as the Crop Over Festival.

As the production of sugar declined, so did the need to celebrate and in the 1940s, the Crop Over Festival was brought to a close. Thankfully though, the festival was revived back in 1974 but this time, it was infused with a wide range of influences and aspects of life in Barbados. This ensured that everyone could get involved and that there would be something for everyone to enjoy.

The festival gets underway with the Opening Gala and it here that the ceremonial delivery of the Last Canes takes place. This is also the time to crown the King and the Queen of the Crop Over Festival, an accolade that is handed out to the male and female cane cutter with the most productive output of the season. The fact that the Crop Over Festival acknowledges and reward hard work and effort makes it a more appealing ceremony than others.

Given that many guests and tourists associate Barbados with calypso music and carnivals, it makes sense that there are plenty of these elements to look out for. Summertime in Barbados is a time to celebrate and the Cohobblopot is a massive carnival that showcases stunning costumes, elaborate designs and a lot of fun. The entertainment on offer at this event is second to none and you’ll find that the calypso bands have the crowd on their feet from beginning to end.

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